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Atelier Atypique - Concept Shop pour passionné de produit de qualité


Because behind all our gift ideas hides a great story, discover our selection of products and experiences and start writing yours.

A cigar humidor , a decorative object for the home , a sports bag , bracelets and watches for men and women, and many other elegant and atypical objects are to be discovered in our shop.

Who are we ?

Our goal is simple, to enhance your daily life with our finds.

This is why we have formed our Atypical Team . Its members have been specifically chosen for their outlook on life.

Their sole objective is to surprise you by unearthing inspiring, elegant and full of life products, in order to put a little atypical in the ordinary.

We believe that every gift tells a story, and we're proud to offer you the opportunity to start writing your own .

As you browse through our store, take the time to discover the stories behind each product and be inspired by the elegance and sophistication that characterizes them.

They talk about us: "William at noon" on C8!

We are delighted to announce that our shop has been featured on the show " William at noon " on C8 .

This incredible TV showcase highlights our commitment to offering original and unique objects.

During the broadcast, the Bike Balls captured attention and were praised for their originality .

Don't miss this opportunity to discover our selection of atypical objects.

Each piece is carefully chosen to provide a unique experience for our customers.

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