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Three sachets of Boveda Humidification for Cellar 69%

Tired of having to constantly refill your humidifier? With the new Boveda humidification system, the chore of maintaining your cigars is over. Delivered ready to use, you put it in your cellar and it takes care of the rest; it will vary according to the outside temperature to adjust the indoor humidity. A revolutionary idea for a very small price!

How it works ?

  1. Choose the number of Boveda humidification sachets according to your tastes, the number of cigars to keep and the quality of your humidor.
  2. Remove the transparent plastic bag and place your Boveda bag(s) in your cigar humidor.
  3. The humidipak is ready-to-use, which means you don't need to open the Boveda sachet, activate it or soak it in water. You place it in your cellar and it takes care of regulating the humidity automatically.
  4. To be replaced approximately every 2 months.
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