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100% natural teeth whitening powder - 30 g

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Fall for the WonderBamboo whitening powder! Made from 100% natural ingredients, it whitens and polishes teeth while removing plaque.

You find a perfect smile and gain up to 4 shades effortlessly! It's not for nothing that everyone talks about it on the web...

For who ?
For all people wishing to naturally obtain whiter teeth.

Beauty results
You get, in just 14 days, whiter teeth and a dazzling smile!

WE love
- The incredible feeling of cleanliness
- The effectiveness of activated carbon, odorless and tasteless
- Its natural composition, vegan, not tested on animals

beauty tips
Apply to your toothbrush and perform traditional brushing. Leave on for 3 minutes preferably then rinse with clear water. Use preferably in the evening in addition to traditional brushing.

Active subtances

- Activated coconut charcoal: absorbs and eliminates stains. Whitens and polishes teeth.
- Bentonite clay: remineralises teeth, strengthens enamel and eliminates bacteria.
- Peppermint: soothes gums and prevents bad breath.

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