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Discover the art of oil painting by numbers with our collection inspired by the greatest artists: Munch, Vincent van Gogh, Klimt with our MaestroColor paint by number.

Now you can create your own masterpiece in the style of this famous artist. Choose from several sizes and several packs:

Dimensions : 20 x 30 cm, 50 x 40 cm, 65 x 50 cm, 75 x 60 cm.

Two Pack Options:

  • Canvas Only Pack: This pack includes the printed canvas with numbered areas and the corresponding paint cans. This is ideal if you prefer to use your own frame or have a special presentation method in mind.

  • Canvas Pack with Wooden Frame: For DIY enthusiasts (Do It Yourself - DIY), this pack offers a complete experience. You will receive the printed canvas, numbered paint pots, brushes, and a wooden frame to assemble yourself. It is a perfect option for those who love to create from scratch and bring their masterpiece to life in an artisanal way.

Each kit includes everything you need to bring these iconic masterpieces to life. You'll receive a pre-printed canvas with the design of your choice, professional-quality brushes, numbered oil paint pots matching the artist's color palette, and simple instructions to guide you along the way. of the process.

These paintings captivate the minds of the greatest painters, with landscapes evoking the beauty of nature and the emotion of art. Whether you are a budding artist or an art lover, our oil painting by numbers collection offers you a unique opportunity to create a personalized piece of art that reflects your own style.

Be inspired by van Gogh, Klimt and more and add a touch of artistic elegance to your living space. It's also a perfect gift for art lovers and creatives who will appreciate the opportunity to bring an Impressionist masterpiece to life. Order your kit today and start painting your own version of the most famous timeless works.

Discover the magic of paint by numbers, a fun and accessible approach to getting started with creating art and improving your painting skills. Here's how it works:

  1. Select from our wide range of paint by numbers kits, each featuring a unique artwork to reproduce.

  2. Receive your complete kit, including a pre-printed canvas with numbered areas, number-matched paint cans, quality brushes and an image of the final result to guide you.

  3. Follow the numbers by painting each area of ​​the canvas with the corresponding color from the paint can.

  4. Congratulations ! You have completed your artwork. You can admire it, share it, hang it or frame it. We also provide two screws and two hooks for convenient wall mounting.

This guided method allows you to progress quickly and create high-quality paintings, even if you are a beginner. Unleash your inner artist and explore the captivating world of paint by numbers.

Sizes: 20X30cm / 40x50cm / 50x65cm / 60x75cm / 70x90cm / 80x100cm / 90x120cm
Support: Numbered linen canvas
Type of paint: Acrylic
Packaging: Packaged package

This paint by numbers kit contains everything you need to create your work:

1 numbered linen canvas

3 different sized nylon brushes

numbered acrylic paint pots

a thumbnail photo of the work to guide you

2 screws + 2 hooks for wall mounting

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