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This Lafuli cigar pack, from the HADES collection is the perfect gift for Havana lovers.

Ideal for all occasions (Birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas...), this set for the perfect cigar smoker contains all the essential elements for tasting a Havana cigar.

This pack contains a lighter with multiple options: cigar needle, cigar holder and punch are all contained in our lighter.

Our HADES cigar pack is made up of 7 elements, all signed Lafuli:

  • A torch lighter
  • A cigar punch/perforator,
  • A guillotine cigar cutter,
  • A V-shaped cigar cutter
  • A 3-cigar travel case,
  • A cigar ashtray,
  • A gift box

Materials: Stainless steel

The little extra , we can personalize the 3-cigar travel case with a laser engraving of your choice. A logo, a date of birth, an inscription to make this cigar set special!

Color: Black or Red

Note: personalized packs cannot be taken back or exchanged.

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