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The WALLY humidor is a perfect choice for cigar lovers who want to store their cigars in style and elegance, even on the go. This leather and cedar wood humidor is specially designed to keep your cigars in optimal conditions.

With a capacity of up to 6 Cohiba type cigars, this cigar humidor will allow you to transport and store your favorite cigars in complete safety. The cedar wood used inside the humidor provides additional protection and helps maintain the humidity needed to preserve the freshness and flavor of your cigars.

The dimensions of the WALLY humidor are 29.3 x 27.3 x 8 cm, making it a convenient and portable choice for travel. You can easily slip this humidor into your bag or suitcase, and it will be ready to accompany you wherever you go.

Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, the WALLY humidor will allow you to enjoy your favorite cigars with consistent quality. Treat yourself to this cigar humidor from the COHIBA collection and make sure you always have your cigars on hand, ready to be enjoyed in the best conditions.

  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 27.3 x 8 cm
  • Material: Cedar wood and cowhide
  • Color: Depending on model

The WALLY humidor comes in a beautiful COLLECTION box, adding a touch of luxury to your experience. This also makes it an ideal gift for cigar lovers who appreciate quality and refinement.

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