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This pendant light from the Tense collection in Tyvek will imbue your interior with a touch of lightness, floating and poetry.

Like a feather in the wind, this white Tyvek paper chandelier takes on the air of a dreamer, which once pierced by the light reveals its pretty patterns.

Resolutely modern and in the nude trend, this creation is available in three sizes. Alone in its XL version or in composition to use the three available dimensions, the result will in all cases be grandiose.

Tyvek membrane

Dimension :

Pendant chandelier - Tyvek Tense

Our creation process emphasizes uniqueness and quality, with a distinctive Tyvek coating for each pendant light. This material, known for its durability and aesthetics, is carefully selected and crafted to ensure that each pendant light is not only beautiful but also durable.

This can impact processing times, particularly during periods of high demand. The reason is that each of our pendant lights is a one-of-a-kind work of art. They are not only individually designed, but also assembled by hand, especially for each order.

We do everything we can to minimize these additional delays and ensure that your order reaches you as quickly as possible, while maintaining the high quality standards that define our products. We thank you for your patience and understanding, which allows us to maintain this commitment to the quality and uniqueness of our creations.

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