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Discover the Meblo Lumina , a pendant light inspired by the innovative and avant-garde spirit of Harvey Guzzini's famous creations. This lighting piece merges the essence of the design revolution of the 1960s and 1970s with a contemporary aesthetic, providing a timeless addition to any modern interior.

The Meblo Lumina pays homage to the bold, futuristic approach to Meblo designs by Harvey Guzzini, famous for their unique blend of form, function and use of new materials.

This refined luminaire is available in a palette of four dynamic colors that evoke boldness and creativity: passionate red, Majorelle blue, vitality yellow and purity white. Each color has been carefully chosen to harmonize with varied atmospheres and bring a touch of character to your interior.

Measuring 18cm wide and 25cm high, the Meblo Lumina projects a generous and welcoming light, perfect for illuminating a cozy corner or making a statement in a spacious room. Its dimensions have been designed to create a balanced visual impact, ensuring that it stands out with elegance and presence.

The design philosophy of the Meblo Lumina is inspired by the philosophy of Harvey Guzzini, where each element serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. The lamp's silhouette nods to the groovy era's love of organic shapes, but its clean lines and minimalist form cater to contemporary tastes.

But what really sets the Meblo apart Lumina is its spring-shaped cable, which is not only a functional element but also a captivating design detail. This distinctive feature recalls flexibility and adaptability, emphasizing the fusion between form and function that was central to Guzzini's designs. It 's a deliberate design choice that echoes the innovative use of materials and technology. This design element ensures that the Meblo Lumina is not only a visual focal point but also an object of interest, inviting admiration and thoughtful conversation about its design pedigree.

Installation of the Meblo Lumina is streamlined for ease and adaptability, allowing simple height adjustment and seamless integration into different environments, from the modern living room to the sleek office.

  • Dimensions : 18 x 25 cm
  • Cable length: 150 cm
  • Materials : Opaline & metal
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