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The Marimekko Z Pendant Lamp embodies a remarkable fusion of art and functionality, rooted in Scandinavian design principles that value simplicity, clarity and harmony with the environment. Inspired by Finnish design, this pendant light is designed to capture the essence of Nordic elegance in its purest form and bring a touch of understated sophistication to your interior.

The carefully selected color palette for the Marimekko Z Pendant features a deep green that evokes the serenity of Nordic forests, a vibrant orange that recalls the bright twilights of Scandinavian summer, and a pure white that reflects simplicity and peace. These shades were chosen for their ability to create an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being, essential elements of the Danish concept of "hygge" which advocates comfort and contentment.

Made with the highest quality materials, the carbon steel structure ensures the strength and durability of the lamp, while the delicate aluminum finish adds a touch of refinement. The integrated LED lighting provides soft, enveloping light, ideal for creating a soothing environment for your dinners with loved ones or for relaxing after a long day.

Its clean design, characterized by soft lines and a slender profile, makes the Marimekko Z Pendant a preferred choice for those looking to incorporate timeless design elements into their living space. Every detail of this lamp has been designed to reinforce an atmosphere of calm and accessible luxury.

By choosing the Marimekko Z Pendant Lamp, you are opting for a lighting fixture that never goes out of style, which respects traditions while embracing the future. It's a tribute to the natural light of the North, captured in an object that will diffuse warm ambient light while serving as an elegant focal point in your home.

It is easily integrated into different contexts, whether above a modern dining room table, in a casual living space or even in an office where creativity is required. The simplicity of its installation allows you to transform your space without additional effort.

The Marimekko Z Pendant is not just a source of light, it is a central piece that speaks to your sense of design, an expression of your taste for elegant minimalism and an appreciation for design that transcends time and trends ephemeral. It's a choice that says you value craftsmanship, quality and light in its most aesthetically pleasing form.

  • Dimensions : 35 x 21 cm
  • Cable length: 180 cm (Black in Orange/Green version and White for White)
  • Materials : Carbon Steel & Aluminum
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