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Discover the Design Ceiling Chandelier - Wind Origami, a contemporary design centerpiece that will enhance the elegance of any room in your home. With its clean aesthetic and sophisticated lines, this lamp is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bars or any other space requiring a touch of modernity.

The perfect embodiment of modern Wabi Sabi design and sophisticated elegance and available in two sizes (75 cm x 45 cm and 100 cm x 45 cm), this Wind Origami light adapts to all room configurations. Its durable aluminum and Tyvek paper construction ensures homogeneous light diffusion and a refined aesthetic.

Transform your interior with the Design Ceiling Chandelier - Wind Origami, where luxury meets functionality.

The Wind Origami is available in two distinct sizes to perfectly suit your needs:

  • Dimension 1 : 75 cm x 45 cm
  • Dimensions 2 : 100 cm x 45 cm

This ceiling light is distinguished by its ingenious design in three superimposed layers, offering soft and homogeneous light diffusion. The unique design is enhanced by a red ring which adds a subtle touch of color and character to the whole.

Main Features :

  • Clean and Modern Design : The three bowl-shaped layers create a striking visual effect while ensuring excellent light diffusion.
  • Tyvek Paper : Used in place of glass, this sturdy, lightweight material offers a refined aesthetic and exceptional durability.
  • Adjustable Cable : The height of the ceiling light can be adjusted between 110 cm and 200 cm, allowing you to customize the installation according to the configuration of your room.
  • Durable Construction : Made with high quality materials for exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Easy Installation : Comes with all necessary fixings for hassle-free installation.

Technical specifications :

  • Dimensions :
    • Small model: 75 cm (diameter) x 45 cm (height)
    • Large model: 100 cm (diameter) x 45 cm (height)
  • Adjustable Height : from 110 cm to 200 cm (cable included)
  • Materials : Aluminum and Tyvek Paper
  • Bulb : E27

Use and Maintenance:

The Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture Design - Wind Origami is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance. To preserve the shine of your light fixture, it is recommended to clean it regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive products or solvents.

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