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The SUSPENDU wooden lamp returns in 2020 in its SPIRIT version, still as bewitching, design and airy but much more magical.

No more wires to hide, the SPIRIT HANGING Lamp, thanks to its integrated battery, will impress with its amazing presence!

The SPIRIT lamp is fitted with a dimmer, which allows you to adapt the atmosphere and the light output according to your wishes.

The SUSPENDU lamp, in its SPIRIT version, is a true marvel of design and technology. The ignition is controlled by two spherical and magnetic elements. Bring them closer to each other, the magnetic field is set up ensuring the verticality and the transmission of the current.

The 48 LEDs incorporated in the curved frame will light up and diffuse a soft light, pleasant and relaxing but nevertheless sufficient for reading. 50,000 hours of light and in a stunning design… Nothing to add

Material: Wood or ABS depending on the model
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 3cm
Brightness: 3500 lumens
Battery operated
Charging via USB socket
On/off switch

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