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Discover the refinement of tea with the Babor porcelain kit, the connoisseur's essential. Designed for tea enthusiasts, this kit combines elegance and functionality, offering an incomparable tasting experience.

Let the Babor porcelain tea set transform your downtime into a tea ceremony wherever you are. A must-have accessory for those who appreciate tea breaks with a touch of elegance. Now add a touch of practical luxury to your daily life with the Babor tea set and enjoy the art of tea with ease.

Unique Features of the Babor Tea Kit:

  • Premium Porcelain : Made from premium quality porcelain, our kit guarantees durability and resistance while displaying a delicate aesthetic.
  • Optimal Capacity : With its 150 ml, it is perfect for a generous cup, enveloping you in comfort and flavors with each sip.
  • Ingenious Design : Its practical infusion system avoids suspended leaves, for pure and easy tasting.
  • Ergonomic Grip : The handle is designed for a secure grip, allowing you to enjoy hot tea with complete peace of mind.
  • Versatility : Ideal for all types of teas, from the most classic to modern infusions, meeting the preferences of every tea lover.
  • Portable and Lightweight : Take your tea ritual with you anywhere, thanks to its compact and lightweight design, essential for a tea break that's always within reach.
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