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Discover the perfect companion to monitor your cigars with remarkable precision: the Sensor Basic , a professional metal hygrometer with an elegant design.

Measure the humidity of your environment to perfection with this exquisite accessory, designed for cigar lovers who seek the perfect harmony between class and quality.

With its compact size of 45 x 15 mm and its sumptuous gold color, the Sensor Basic blends discreetly into any space.

Its needle display provides an easy and accurate reading of humidity, ensuring your cigars are kept in optimum condition.

Paired with a cigar humidor, this mini hygrometer becomes your trusted guardian to preserve the flavor and freshness of your precious collections.

Elevate your tasting moments by ensuring your cigars are always at their peak. Opt for the timeless elegance of the Sensor Basic , the humidity indicator that embodies class and sophistication, while remaining an entry-level choice for quality-conscious connoisseurs.

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