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Explore our high-quality leather case, custom designed to protect and transport your Apple Mac Mini in style.

This cover, called Voyageur MacPod, offers a secure and customizable case for your Mac Mini.

Providing dedicated space for your Mac Mini as well as its essential accessories such as mouse, charger and cables or even an iPad, this bag is intelligently designed to ensure a perfect fit and maximum protection.

Each compartment is meticulously tailored to facilitate organized access to your electronic equipment, while preserving its integrity.

Crafted from premium genuine leather, this satchel combines sophisticated aesthetics with premium functionality. Its careful design not only guarantees complete protection for your computer and its accessories, but also a distinguished look for demanding users.

This customizable bag can be laser engraved, adding a unique and personal touch to your bag while reflecting your style.

The Traveler MacPod embodies the perfect combination of protection, personalized style and practicality to accompany your travels while preserving the integrity of your electronic equipment.

Opt for this companion of choice for your Mac Mini, and travel with peace of mind and elegance.

  • Dimensions: 30.8 x 22 x 8cm
  • Made of leather
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