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The COHIBA - STORM Leather 2 or 3 Cigar Case is a premium accessory that provides stylish protection for your cigars on the go. Made of high quality cowhide leather, this case is designed to ensure the safety and preservation of your cigars while adding a touch of style and elegance.

Available in two sizes, size 2 (17 x 7 x 3.2 cm) and size 3 (20 x 9 x 3.3 cm), you can choose the size that best suits your needs. Size 2 can hold up to 2 cigars, while size 3 can hold up to 3 cigars. So you can safely take your favorite cigars with you wherever you go.

The COHIBA - STORM case is carefully designed to protect your cigars from shocks, humidity and any other element that may affect their quality. Its interior is lined appropriately to maintain the necessary humidity and preserve the freshness of your cigars.

The high quality cowhide leather exterior provides a pleasant handfeel and adds a touch of sophistication to the case. Its neat finish and elegant design make it an attractive and trendy accessory for cigar lovers.

Material: Cowhide leather

  • Size 2: 17 x 7 x 3.2cm
  • Size 3: 20 x 910 x 3.3cm

Capacity: 2 or 3 Cigars depending on selection

The COHIBA - STORM case comes in a COHIBA box, part of the COHIBA collection. This also makes it an ideal gift for cigar enthusiasts.

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, or simply want to protect your cigars on a daily basis, the COHIBA - STORM leather case for 2 or 3 cigars is the perfect accessory to transport and enhance your cigars with style and elegance.

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