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The CARBON WOOD 3 Cigar Case is a perfect choice for cigar lovers who want to combine style, protection and functionality while traveling. Made with high-quality materials such as carbon fiber and cedar wood, this case offers a stylish solution for safely transporting your cigars.

The combination of carbon fiber and cedar wood gives this case a modern and sophisticated look. Carbon fiber is renowned for its strength, lightness and unique appearance, adding a touch of luxury to the whole. Cedar wood, for its part, is a material traditionally used in the manufacture of cigar cases due to its natural humidifying properties, thus preserving the freshness and aromas of your COHIBA cigars.

The dimensions of this case are specially designed to accommodate up to three cigars with a maximum diameter of 22 mm. The cigars are held in place thanks to the dedicated slots, thus avoiding any unwanted movement during transport.

  • Material: Carbon fiber and Spanish cedar wood
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 8 x 2.5 cm
  • Capacity: 3 Cigars with a maximum diameter of 22mm

The CARBON WOOD 3 cigar case is delivered in a COLLECTION box, which also makes it an ideal gift for cigar lovers. The careful and elegant packaging adds an extra touch of prestige to this high-end accessory.

Whether you're a cigar enthusiast traveling on business or an outdoor enthusiast enjoying a moment of relaxation, this case will allow you to enjoy your favorite Montecristo cigars in style and peace of mind. Make sure you always have your cigars on hand and in optimal condition with the CARBON WOOD 3 cigar case.

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