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Welcome to the elegant world of the SUNY cigar case, now available in a Silver version. This accessory is designed to combine style and functionality, providing cigar lovers on the go with a high-quality solution.

This case, with cigar cutter included, features a clever pocket that keeps your cigar cutter close at hand, allowing you to perfectly prepare your cigars with ease.

Made from premium cowhide leather, it provides sturdy protection while showcasing your cigars. Its Spanish cedar wood interior ensures optimal conservation by maintaining an ideal humidity level.

This cigar holder has a three-cigar capacity, making it the perfect companion for carrying your favorite Cohiba cigars in style and elegance. With a yellow lower part that contrasts nicely with the black upper part, it attracts attention with its neat aesthetic.

The cowhide leather used is both strong and durable, adding an extra layer of protection against impact and moisture to ensure your cigars remain intact. With dimensions of 18 x 9 x 3.2 cm, this case is compact, practical and sure to become your favorite travel companion for your cigars. Opt for the combination of protection and elegance with the SUNY Silver cigar case.

  • Matter:

    • Cowhide
    • Spanish cedar wood
    • Stainless steel cigar cutter


    • 18 x 9 x 3.2cm

Capacity: 3 Cigars with a maximum diameter of 21 mm

This cigar case will be delivered to you in a signature box.

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