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Stone Whiskey Box - Stone Age

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Give a whiskey lover the ultimate gift with this Whiskey Stone Box. Presented in an elegant wooden box, these 9 soapstones are the ideal accessory to refresh your whiskey without diluting it.

Soapstones have the unique property of absorbing thermal energy and returning the accumulated cold to your whisky. They allow you to enjoy your favorite drink at the ideal temperature, without compromising its taste and aroma.

This box not only includes the 9 whiskey stones, but also a fabric bag to store and preserve them, as well as a practical ice tongs to handle the stones with ease.

In addition, depending on the box chosen, you can take advantage of a special spout for spirits or a measuring cup to precisely measure the quantity of whiskey you wish to taste.

To offer this box of whiskey stones is to offer a unique tasting experience to all whiskey lovers. Whether it's for a birthday, Father's Day or any other special occasion, this box will delight connoisseurs by allowing them to taste their favorite whiskey in an elegant and refined way.

Delight a whiskey lover with this Box of Whiskey Stones, the perfect gift for unforgettable tasting moments.

Bundle included:

  • wooden box
  • 9 whiskey stones
  • Cloth bag included
  • ice tongs
  • Special spirits spout or measuring cup depending on the box chosen
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