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The Cohiba Helios box is the ultimate choice for a cigar lover looking for quality and style accessories. With the included torch lighter, cigar cutter and cigar ashtray, you'll be ready to savor your cigars with elegance and satisfaction.

Composed especially for cigar smokers, this Cohiba Helios box includes everything you need to enter the magical world of cigars.

This set consists of:

  • a Cohiba torch lighter,
  • a cigar cutter from the Cohiba Steel Edition collection
  • of a Cohiba Edition Fifty cigar ashtray.

Available in yellow or black color

Delivered in a Cohiba Collection box, this set is perfect to give as a gift to a cigar enthusiast or to treat yourself as a discerning cigar aficionado. It represents the excellence of the Cohiba brand and offers a complete and refined cigar tasting experience.

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