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This "Galvano Elite" Cigar Accessories Box is an essential set for any cigar lover. It includes everything you need for a premium smoking experience.

  • The leather two cigar case protects your cigars keeping them in pristine condition, ready to smoke at any time.
  • The stainless steel cigar cutter ensures a clean and precise cut of your cigar, allowing for an optimal draw.
  • The torch lighter, also in stainless steel, offers you a stable and powerful flame to light your cigar.
  • And finally, the sturdy metal ashtray gives you a safe place to put out your cigar, without leaving marks on your table or furniture.

This Cigar Accessories Box comes in a sleek and sophisticated case, which makes it perfect for a gift or for storing your accessories safely. It is the perfect choice for cigar aficionados looking to enhance their smoking experience.

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