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Treat yourself or your friends to a complete set of luxury cigar accessories with the EZOV set.

This set includes 10 carefully selected pieces to meet all your cigar needs.

Made of high quality stainless steel, this set guarantees exceptional durability and a stylish appearance.

Available in 3 different colors - black, blue or red - you can choose the set that best suits your style and preferences.

All includes the following:

  • 1 cigar ashtray: Practical and aesthetic, it offers an elegant place to put your cigars while you savor them.

  • 2 cigar lighters: A pocket lighter and an XL size lighter to meet all your lighting needs. They offer a powerful and reliable flame for easy lighting of your cigars.

  • 3 different cigar cutters: A scissor, a guillotine and a presser to give you different cutting options according to your personal preferences.

  • 1 Cigar Tube: Perfect for transporting and protecting your cigars on the go, this tube keeps your cigars fresh and intact.

  • 1 cigar holder: Practical and elegant, it allows you to keep your cigar close at hand and to protect it when not in use.

  • 1 cigar punch: Ideal for cleanly piercing the end of your cigar before tasting it, thus providing an optimal smoking experience.

  • 1 cigar mouthpiece: for a delicate experience

Each piece in this set is carefully crafted for function and style. Packaged in a gift box, this set is also perfect as a gift for cigar lovers.

Take advantage of this complete set of EZOV luxury cigar accessories to enhance your cigar tasting experience and add a touch of elegance to your moments of relaxation.

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