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Discover the FIFTY LUNARIS box, an exceptional complete set for cigar lovers. This box offers you a superb cigar humidor in cedar wood as well as a selection of essential accessories.

With its generous capacity that can accommodate up to 50 cigars, this humidor guarantees optimal storage conditions to preserve the quality and flavor of your precious cigars. Carefully crafted from premium Spanish cedar wood, it provides an ideal environment for aging and preserving your cigars. Its built-in humidifier and high-precision needle hygrometer provide precise humidity control, guaranteeing perfect freshness with every tasting.

In addition to the cigar humidor, this pack includes essential accessories:

  • An ashtray that will allow you to enjoy your cigars in peace
  • A cigar cutter with a diameter of 22 mm, will ensure a precise cut for an optimal tasting experience
  • A hygrometer will allow you to constantly monitor storage conditions.
  • A humidifier will maintain an optimal level of humidity.
  • For on the go, the cowhide leather case with 2 slots will allow you to transport your cigars safely and in style.

The FIFTY LUNARIS box is the ideal choice for cigar lovers looking for a complete quality set. Crafted with durable, finely crafted materials, this set combines functionality and aesthetics to provide you with the ultimate tasting experience.

  • Materials: Spanish cedar wood / leather
  • Dimensions: 21 x 22 x 11cm
  • Weight: 3kg
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