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Enhance your Cohiba cigar collection with the CARBON Cigar Humidor , a box that combines luxury with modern technology. Accommodating up to 35 cigars, this humidor is not just a storage space, it's a style statement.

Every detail of the CARBON is designed to impress. Its avant-garde design is enhanced by a carbon fiber coating, giving this box an appearance that is as sophisticated as it is robust. The integrated glass window on the lid allows you to admire your precious cigars without disturbing their rest.

The electronic hygrometer, discreetly embedded in the facade, offers you the luxury of monitoring internal humidity without opening the humidor, ensuring perfect preservation of your cigars. An included humidifier maintains the ideal atmosphere for preserving the richness and complexity of each cigar.

The interior, fully lined with Spanish cedar wood, is not only chosen for its warm aesthetic, but also for its natural humidifying properties, essential for maintaining the integrity and aroma of the cigars.

Versions Available:

  1. Solo Version : Perfect for those who value simplicity and functionality, the Solo version includes only the CARBON humidor.

  2. Wood version : For the cigar lover who wants a touch of exclusivity, this version offers the CARBON cigar humidor as well as the CARBON WOOD travel cigar case for three cigars. This combination combines the innovation of carbon with the elegance of wood, providing a balance between advanced aesthetics and practicality for the modern traveler.

  3. Ignition Pro version : Designed for the cigar enthusiast who will only be satisfied with the best, this version includes the CARBON humidor, complemented by an elegant lighter and a refined cigar cutter from our Ignition collection. This set is the assurance of an exquisite and unparalleled smoking ritual.

  4. Carbon Nyfe Version : The Carbon Nyfe Version represents the pinnacle of modern elegance. In addition to the CARBON humidor, it is enriched with a lighter and a cigar cutter made with high-end carbon fiber, from our Nyfe collection. This is the ideal set to enjoy Cohiba cigars with a touch of contemporary luxury.

Each element of these exceptional collections is also available individually in our online store, allowing you to personalize your experience and enhance your passion for cigars at your convenience.


  • Materials :
    • Exterior: Carbon fiber & Glass
    • Interior: Spanish cedar wood
  • Dimensions : 26 x 22 x 6.8 cm
  • Net Weight : About 1.5 kg

Why choose the CARBON Cigar Humidor?

The CARBON cigar humidor is more than just storage; it is a collector's item that elevates your tasting experience. Each opening is an invitation to celebrate tradition and innovation in perfect harmony. Whether you are a cigar lover looking for functionality, elegance or innovation, the CARBON collection offers a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Order now and discover how the CARBON humidor can transform every tasting moment into a memorable experience.

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