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The LYROK cigar humidor, a cylindrical steel case, is a jewel of functionality and elegance for cigar lovers. Its unique design, capable of holding between three and five cigars, combines style and originality.

Every detail has been thought of for the preservation of your cigars: the screwable lids, with the distinct roles of hygrometer and humidifier, guarantee optimal preservation by regulating the necessary humidity inside the humidor.

The steel material offers durability and modern aesthetics, while its dimensions of 21.5 x 6.5 cm make it an ideal choice for carrying or decorating your personal space.

Choose the exclusive HOUDINI or VARGAS boxes to enrich your experience with additional accessories.

These sets include a COHIBA dual-torch, refillable torch lighter with cigar punches and a COHIBA cigar cutter, which highlight LYROK's commitment to quality and sophistication.

For the cigar enthusiast looking for a storage solution that is as reliable as it is refined, the LYROK cigar humidor is more than a choice, it is a statement of elegance.

Features :

  • Materials: Steel
  • Dimensions: 21.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Accessories included: hygrometer + pipette

Only HOUDINI or VARGAS boxes also include the following accessories:

  • COHIBA HOUDINI or VARGAS lighter: COHIBA 2-torch rechargeable torch lighter with cigar punches.
  • COHIBA cigar cutter
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