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Discover the FIFTY Edition LUXE Version Cigar Humidor , a jewel of design and functionality capable of holding up to 50 of your favorite cigars. Designed to ensure optimal preservation, this cigar humidor is the essential accessory for cigar lovers.

Its contemporary design, made of cedar wood on each of its sides and a window on the top, makes this cigar box unique in its kind.

Its hygrometer on its upper facade will give the humidity level without having to open it. To maintain this humidity, so precious to cigars, a crystal humidifier is included. Your cigars will then be perfectly preserved thanks to these accessories and the cedar wood inside.

Main Features :

  • 50 Cigar Capacity : Providing enough space to store a large collection of cigars in the best condition.
  • Contemporary and luxurious design : Made of Spanish cedar wood on all sides and equipped with an elegant glass window on the top, this cigar humidor stands out for its refined appearance.
  • Integrated needle hygrometer : Located on the upper facade, it allows you to check the humidity level without opening the humidor, guaranteeing optimal conservation of your cigars.
  • Crystal Humidifier Included : Maintains the humidity needed to preserve the quality and flavor of your cigars.
  • Cedar Wood Inside : Renowned for its excellent moisture retention properties, Spanish cedar wood creates an ideal environment for your cigars.


  • External dimensions : 28 x 23 x 15 cm
  • Materials : Spanish cedar wood interior and glass window

Accessories provided:

  • 1 crystal humidifier
  • 1 needle hygrometer

Why choose the FIFTY Edition LUXE Version Cigar Humidor?

The FIFTY Edition LUXE Version Cigar Humidor is designed for cigar connoisseurs who appreciate luxury and functionality. Its modern design and high quality materials make it a centerpiece in any cigar collection. The included hygrometer and humidifier ensure your cigars stay in perfect condition, while the glass window allows you to admire them without opening the humidor.

Perfect for Gifts : Whether it's a birthday, Father's Day or any other special occasion, this humidor is the ideal gift for any cigar lover.

Order now to give your cigars perfect preservation and add a touch of sophistication to your collection.

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