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Give your COHIBA cigars the ideal environment wherever they are with our humidor - SOCRATE STYLE, a leather travel case designed for lovers of refined cigars.

This leather and cedar wood cigar humidor is designed to allow you to store up to 5 cigars (with a ring size of 55) in optimal conditions.

Featuring a cedar wood lining, this case ensures optimal preservation of the flavor and aroma of your favorite cigars, wherever you go.

Main Features :

  • Premium Protection : The premium leather exterior provides solid protection while adding a touch of elegance. Available in black or brown, choose the style that reflects your personality.

  • Integrated Humidification Box : Our innovative case incorporates a humidification slot for a Boveda humidifier or sachet, ensuring a constant humidity level to preserve the freshness of your cigars. Enjoy every puff with unparalleled quality.

  • Practical Organization : The case's lid offers three smart compartments - one for your lighter, another for the cigar cutter and a central space specially designed to accommodate a humidifier .

  • Pack Options : Choose from our three packs carefully designed to meet your needs.

    1. Opt for the Solo Pack with the cigar case,

    2. Take it up a notch with the Wagner Pack with its elegant lighter and matching cigar cutter.

    3. For the ultimate experience, opt for the Carbon Pack which includes a carbon fiber lighter and cigar cutter.

Whether for a business trip, a getaway, or a simple outing with friends, our cigar case adds a touch of sophistication to your tasting experience wherever you are.

Let our Leather Travel Humidor - SOCRATE STYLE be your ideal travel companion, ensuring your cigars remain in optimal condition, ready to enjoy at any time. Add this case to your collection of accessories and give your tasting moments the quality they deserve.

Please note that only WAGNER or CARBON boxes also include the following accessories:

  • WAGNER or NYFE CARBON lighter: rechargeable torch lighter.
  • WAGNER or NYFE CARBON cigar cutter

The SOCRATE STYLE cigar humidor is delivered in a Collection box, adding a touch of luxury to your gift.

Whether for Father's Day, a birthday or any other special occasion, this humidor is an ideal choice for cigar enthusiasts (Cohiba, MonteCristo, Davidoff, Partagas...) who appreciate quality and style.

Specifications :

  • Dimension : 8 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Capacity : up to 5 cigars of 22 mm
  • Matter : Leather and Spanish cedar wood
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