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Discover the Poseidon Trident humidor, a luxury centerpiece for any cigar lover. With its generous dimensions of 40 x 26 x 17 cm, this cellar exemplifies the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. Designed for the connoisseur, it combines refined design with high technology to ensure optimal preservation of your cigars.

The Poseidon Trident humidor is made from fine wood and offers a spacious interior that can accommodate a wide selection of cigars. The built-in humidity control system ensures that each cigar stored in the Poseidon Trident remains at its peak of freshness and flavor, thanks to a state-of-the-art hygrometer and humidifier that maintain ideal conditions.

Every detail of the Poseidon Trident has been designed for luxury and convenience, from the premium materials to the secure lock that protects your valuable collection. It is the ultimate choice for those looking for an elegant solution for storing their cigars, ensuring that every tasting is a memorable event.

Perfect for a refined office or living room, the Poseidon Trident is not only a storage medium, but also a style statement. Invest in the Poseidon Trident humidor to ensure your cigars are always presented impeccably and ready to enjoy.

The Poseidon cigar humidor Trident represents the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in cigar storage. With an impressive capacity to hold up to 150 cigars of all brands (Cohiba, Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julietta...), this cigar humidor is designed for serious amateurs who appreciate quality and design.

Poseidon Key Features Trident:

  1. Suitable dimensions : Measuring 40 cm in length, 26 cm in width and 17 cm in height, this humidor provides ample space to organize and display your cigars while remaining compact to fit different spaces.

  2. Superior quality material : Built from cedar wood, known for its natural humidity regulating properties, this humidor offers an optimal environment for the aging and conservation of your cigars.

  3. Luxury Finish : The premium piano finish offers an elegant, understated look that perfectly complements any refined interior. Its understated and elegant design makes it an understated yet impressive addition to any space.

  4. Generous Capacity : With the capacity to store up to 150 cigars, the Poseidon Triton is perfect for collectors or for those who like to have a wide selection of cigars on hand.

  5. Precise Humidity Control : Equipped with an advanced hygrometer and humidifier, this system ensures your cigars are stored in ideal conditions, maximizing their freshness and taste.

The Poseidon cigar humidor Trident is not just a means of storing your Cohiba cigars, it is a centerpiece that speaks to your taste for refinement and your passion for cigars. It is the perfect investment for those looking to protect and present their prized cigars in an elegant and functional way.

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