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Discover the NOCTURIS cigar cellar, a sanctuary of elegance and preservation for your most precious cigars.

NOCTURIS embodies the magic of the night and the art of cigar tasting. With its sophisticated design and evocative name, this humidor offers a unique experience.

Carefully crafted from premium Spanish cedar wood, NOCTURIS ensures optimal storage of your cigars with its humidity control system and three drawers.

Crafted from premium Spanish cedar wood, each side of the humidor is lacquered with high quality piano paint, providing a luxurious and refined finish.

The glass door has an inset electronic hygrometer, allowing you to easily monitor the humidity level inside the cellar. This feature ensures precise and optimal preservation of your cigars.

The NOCTURIS humidor is equipped with three spacious drawers, providing organized storage space to preserve the original flavor of each cigar. The internal hygrometer allows you to precisely control the humidity, while the included humidifier guarantees constant humidity for perfect preservation.

The dimensions of the cellar are 26 x 26 x 34.5 cm, providing an ideal size for installation in your living room or office. The high quality materials used, such as Spanish cedar wood, glass and MDF, ensure optimal durability and protection for your cigars.

By opting for the NOCTURIS humidor, you also benefit from top quality accessories, including a humidifier and an electronic hygrometer, giving you a complete and highly functional experience.

Give your cigars the luxury they deserve with the NOCTURIS humidor and savor every moment of tasting in a perfectly preserved and elegant environment.

  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 34.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Materials: Spanish cedar wood, glass and MDF
  • Accessories included:
    • 1 humidifier
    • 1 electronic hygrometer
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