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We can't stop your little one from growing up but with our Baby Print Kit we can help you create a keepsake of their adorable hands/feet so you can keep them for a lifetime.

  • Display these prints in your home, next to your family photos and keep this memory forever . Show them proudly to your loved ones!

  • Don't wait until it's too late: once your baby has grown up, you won't have the opportunity to immortalize his little hands or his little feet...

  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR A BABY SHOWER OR BIRTH LIST: If you're looking to dazzle and surprise expectant parents this is the perfect gift.

  • Customizable: Do you have an artistic soul? You can personalize the imprint with paint, markers, etc. (not included) .


  • The materials used are of superior quality. The ink has a neutral pH and is hypoallergenic . No risk for newborns because there is no contact between the skin and the ink.
  • Accurately reproduces your baby's hand or foot in 2D
  • 1 x Baby Hand/Foot Watermark Kit,
  • 2 x paper panels
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