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Discover our series of unique posters from the "CityWorld" collection. These posters represent four emblematic cities - Paris, Rome, New York and London - from an original and artistic angle. Each poster features a black and white aerial view of the city, created using lines and contours to capture the essence of each destination.

Each poster measures 50 x 70 cm making it a versatile size to fit different spaces. They are printed on high quality paper to ensure accurate reproduction of detail and contrast.

These posters from the "CityWorld" collection will bring an artistic and contemporary touch to your interior decoration. They are ideal for travel enthusiasts, architecture enthusiasts or anyone who wants to add an urban dimension to their space.

Bring the essence of Paris, Rome, New York and London into your home with our unique "CityWorld" poster series and immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of these iconic cities.

A series of posters, from the "CityWorld" collection.

Size 50 x 70cm

Four cities represented:

  • Paris
  • Rome
  • new York
  • London
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